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* 2021, Q1, Q2 &Q3 - The question of the year. Why are sales numbers so high? We have invested so much money in stocking parts and building ahead to stock inventory but the sales numbers just keep pushing us further along more than we expected. God has truly blessed BEST TUGS and their amazing family and family values. Aircraft-Tugs and my family couldn't be more proud to be aligned with them as they have been a big part of this with referral after referral to us and as a result we have refered people to them and this activity happens constantly on a weekly basis. The Mark & Sue Patey came over to my Aircraft-Tugs PICKER booth this year and the both of them and I had an amazing and wonderful talk about life, business and our amazing God. The relationship that Aircraft-Tugs and BEST TUGS have built thus far is something I never expected. As I write this with humility my product line is growing and in constant development and Aircraft-Tugs LLc look forward to 2022, keeping up with all you customers and demands now and in the future. 

* 2020 Aircraft tug and towbar sales have kept us on our toes - out of almost nowhere our sales for this year have been over the top and breaking every company record. As a result the Nose-PICKER Tug inventory has been challenging to keep up with. As I sit and breath and write this it's the end of September and we are back ordered on almost everything in spite of increasing our efforts to stock up on everything. We don't know exactly why this is happening but we assume everyone is experiemcing this. Our people and family have been working so hard this summer we just want to say thanks to everyone involved.

Almost always " Ranked on 1st page of Google " out of all my competitors. Enormous amounts of hard work and dedication. We also have the best valued 24 volt Nose-PICKER Heavy Duty aircraft tug on the aviation market bar none at only $1999 and the back-log is growing so now's the time to get your order in...! Don't wait for 2020 or the prices will be higher.

* Nose-PICKER 24v - now has variable speed control, (VSC), emergency stop electronics, (E-Stop), heavy duty drivetrain, dual drive tires, dually suport front wheels and can move over 5,000 pounds.

* 2021 AIRVENTURE HANGAR "C" BOOTH 3008 - stop by and tell us what you think, we can't wait to meet you and chat about your airplane.

* BEST TUGS - to all people who read this, the BEST TUGS company is a leader in the industry. By the grace of our big God they bring us business and customers and speak very kind about the PICKER's. they are a class act. My wife and I could not be more proud to be alinged with them. Their family values parallel ours and we think they are great people.

* 2019 OSHKOSH AIRVENTURE - this was a HUGE victory for our company. Thank you to all who stopped by to chat and be helped into a PICKER of their choice.

* 2018 OSHKOSH AIRVENTURE - this years show was amazing for our company, All week long people were stoping by the booth to meet us and make their purchase and to tell us that our quality and our prices out shined the competition. The orders poured in and we are on the map as a leading innovator in the TUG industry.