Aircraft Tugs
OSHKOSH SHOW SPECIAL "" $1,769  !!  "" thru 2018
24v Nose-PICKER's are the best tugs for the money
Q: Need to move upto a 4,000 Lb. plane?
Q: How much will it cost you...??
A: Just about 2K using a PICKER, (and that's with shipping) 

Aviation News & Events

* 2018 OSHKOSH AIRVENTURE - This was a HUGE victory for our company, All week long people were stoping by the booth to meet us and make their purchase and to tell us that our quality and our prices out shined the competition. The orders poured in and we are on the map as a leading innovator in the TUG industry.

* Recently " #1 Ranked in Google " out of all my competitors. Enormous amounts of hard work and dedication We also have the best valued 24 volt Nose-PICKER Heavy Duty aircraft tug on the aviation market bar none at only $1769 and the back-log is growing so now's the time to get your order in...!