Aircraft Tugs
OSHKOSH SHOW SPECIAL "" $1,769  !!  "" thru 2018
24v Nose-PICKER's are the best tugs for the money
Q: Need to move upto a 4,000 Lb. plane?
Q: How much will it cost you...??
A: Just about 2K using a PICKER, (and that's with shipping) 


(1) Customer meeting location: Dalton Airport (3DA) 3400 Ann Dr, Flushing, MI 48433, USA
(2) Letters etc. mail to: P.O. Box 623, Flushing, Michigan, 48433
(3) Phone #480.338.7686
(4) Send us any question you want.
(5) Inquire about the fit for any of your aircraft.
(6) I will respond within one day.
(7) Our lead times are fastly growing, (currently 6-8 weeks).
(8) Your nose wheel stays on the ground and rolls with the PICKER.
(9) Nose-PICKER can turn your nose wheel as you wish, it's easy.