Aircraft Tugs

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Aircraft Tugs and Tow bars

Have questions? A few of the most frequently asked are shown below. Don't find your question? Give us a call or email us.

1. Will the Tail Wheel jump out of the tow bar when I pull my airplane up a slight incline into my hangar?

No, simply adjust the pins so that your tire sinks down deep into the nest area just enough so that your tail wheel does not fall thru just like the directions strongly indicate and you will be more than fine. However, if you have an unusually steep or odd condition, be sure to contact us just to make sure there's not a problem.

2. What's the main difference between the -1 & -2 for the tail wheel?

Simple, the -2 is a wider unit, hosting Picker pins on both the left & right side of the frame instead of just one side like the -1. This gives you the ability to have (2) set-ups for multiple aircraft in one hangar and therefore Pick up any combination of two tail wheel sizes without making any further adjustments.

3. Do I need the -2 for heavier airplanes?

Nope..., The team designed it so that does not matter.

4. I used something like yours years ago and my tail wheel slipped out when I turned my airplane at almost a 90 degree turn... can yours overcome that problem?

Yep, now you can make a simple adjustment that fits your own personal preference and that problem goes away for ever.

5. You advertise that you Powder Coat the products, will it scratch...?

Yes, but it's harder and more durable than any "paint" you could ever apply, and it looks fantastic.

6. I just don't get it... How can this little tow bar handle a 450 Stearman bi-plane...?

Trust us, it's all in the way the design was engineered. We recommend...: " a flat hard surface " for these extreme situations.

7. Are all of your products patented?


8. My tail wheel works fine on my plane but it's really worn and I know it's not the size that it once was. my question is... will your towbar still work? Because some don't.

Yes, that's the advantage of our product..., it never again matters how new or old or worn the tire is anymore.... It Will " FIT " and you have the control of the fit in how you want it to. You can now " DIAL IT IN " the way you want.

9. The name " Tow Bar " makes me think of a device only for towing..., Can these products be used for pushing as well

Yes, absolutely both pushing & pulling

10. We have a very large hangar with an RV3, RV9, new CUB with a baby bush tire, a Globe/Temco Swift, a PT-17 Stearman plus a WACO. Our question has left everyone we've talked to so far scratching their heads... Q: is it even remotely possible to purchase only one "low cost" standard tow bar for all of these unique aircraft..? So far we've not been able to find anything on the market..., Can you help us...?

Yes..., your answer to this tough question is now very simple. Purchase the infamous PICKER-2. Yep, this awesome tow bar has now "Set The Bar" for the industry with price & performance, and we intend on keeping it that way. This beauty will do the trick. Our -2 has been uniquely engineered by a former tail-dragger pilot and tool designer for handling this challenging situation, and others as well. There was a VOID in the market, so we decided fill it.

11. Will your PICKER's fit a Ryan PT-22 Recruit WAR-BIRD..?

Yes, just see the last couple pictures in the gallery or click the gallery arrows on the LEFT side of the window.

12. WHY a dual wheel PICKER...?

Simple, over the years I have spoke with thousands of pilots and you wouldn't believe how many deal with less than perfect conditions just trying to push their planes out of the hangar..., when I asked them what they would prefer..., all of them basically described the BUSH PICKER-2B, so I thought it should be available to own.

13. How many sizes of tail wheels will this fit...?

Oh my, where do I begin... Okay, let's just say for a powered taildragger aircraft that you can get into and fly..., my answer would be... the smallest available up to a 15-inch "diameter" / 6-inch "wide" tire (left to right). They can even handle a 450 horse power Stearman as well which can weigh about 4,000 pounds or more. So, that pretty much covers most aircraft in general aviation.

14. My wife told me during this Christmas that she wanted a T-shirt with your "Nose-PICKER" logo on the back of it, we have a C-172..., any time frame for that type of thing...??

Wow.. we are humbled, and thankful..., so many people have been asking, so maybe sometime in 2015. Check back and also they may even be listed on Aircraft Spruces website when they hit the market

15. Hey, Ted here..., I have one of your... "-2 Baby Bush Picker's" for my Scout and I too want a T-Shirt with a TAIL-Picker logo on it... so if you can please hurry up with those things guys okay....??? do hats too

Again, wow..., okay, we have so many things to bring to the table this year, so we will try to get that rolling as well. Thank you again Ted for your business and for your support.

16. Do you have any distributors in the USA or Europe that might ship a PICKER to me a little faster...???

Yes we do..., Thank for asking, copy these into your browser's address bar.