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WOW ! New Tug LIFT-MONSTER 24 volt

2022-03-19 00:00:00.0
This new for '22 never before seen tug refered to as the LIFT-MONSTER will change the way pilots think.

The LIFT-MONSTER has safety electronics engineered into the entire mechanical system.

The electronics alone requires well over 100 feet of wire and cabeling to make this tug come to life.

This tug has been in our design department for over two years. We have bench tested it broke it redesigned it and tested it again. This is the real deal.

Some Features listed here but more still not listed:
  1. Van's RV tail
  2. Van's RVA nose
  3. Cirrus piston
  4. Diamond DA
  5. Grumman
ALL NEW NEVER SEEN BEFORE & OUTSTANDING IN ITS CLASS -  When you start to really grasp all the " Badassery " features on this tug only then will you understand how much this LIFT-MONSTER will change you. It will be FUN just to use it. Watching the LIFT-MONSTER automatically reach out and grab you nose or tail wheel and then lift it completly off the ground WOW your pilot buddy's.