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24-Volt Nose-PICKER

Some people refer to these types of things as an aircraft tug, airplane tug, picker, aircraft dragger, power tow, aviation push back, airiplane tug, aircraft towbars, aero tow etc... but you can rest assured that we will always refer to them as the Nose-PICKER.

You now have your chance to own the best and most powerful Nose-PICKER airplane tugs ever created. It will serve your picking needs for decades.  Your friends may want to know where they can get a Nose-PICKER too. Tell them to do a google search for "PICKER tugs and towbars" or dial up and get one ordered.

See the "Product" page at the bottom and read the description.  Contact us for any reason. We may not always answer the phone because of being in the shop, but leave a message if you have to and we will return your call...., we are real busy most of the time.

You may ask just how does this work?

Very easy: simply drive the airplane tug into the nose wheel tire, close the roller behind the tire, hit the button and off you go. It loads in seconds and generates amazing traction. Only "nylon" rollers and side guides contact your aircraft, no metal.

Typical issues the Nose-PICKER airplane tug solves: