Aircraft Tugs

$1,769 Only Thru 2018

24v Nose-PICKER's are the best tugs for the money
Q: Need to move upto a 4,000 Lb. plane?
Q: How much will it cost you...??
A: Just about 2K using a PICKER, (and that's with shipping) 



Item No. CLAW-T

Shipping Cost: $10.00

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All PICKER towbars now come with ((2)) two CLAW details.  If you don't have one..., get the CLAW if you ever thought the Picker needed it.

Add this to "ANY" existing Tail Picker towbar as shown in the picture.

Simply remove the outer collar, slide on the CLAW detail, set the position where you like, tighten and lock down the big 3/8 bolt in the back and reinstall the collar.

You can have yours shipped out quick

Give us a call for this one >>, we can also custom fabricate one specifically for you if it's a unique situation for a couple more dollars exactly the way you would like it.