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    Nose-PICKER 24 volt


Nose Wheel Tug - HD

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Item No. 24NPHD-VS

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$2,349.00 $2,599.00
Shipping Cost: $375.00

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Details:   if you have "Wheel Pants" purchase the "STRUT BUMPER" in "accessories"

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This family has about 30 years of lessons learned experience with customers designing and building high quality aircraft ground support equipment for the general aviation and aerospace industry and it has earned us a top ranking.

Points of Interest:

  • ((4)) BIG Drive Wheels

  • This little tugger has a tugging capacity 5,500 pounds

  • FREE wheels acrossed hangar floor

  • Record setting $ price $ best in it's class, other's over $3K-$6K

  • Varible Speed

  • Does not lift your nose wheel

  • Power-Off button

  • E-Stop safety palm button

  • 12 or 24 volt hook-up

  • (2) live drive sticky tires

  • It's a " LOT " of tugger for the money

  • Batteries not included (this actually SAVES you money)

  • See our website "INSTRUCTIONS" Tab for electrical hook-up etc.

  • Fits two full size 12v deep cycle batteries (recomended)

  • Battery tray overall size: 10 5/8 inch x 14 1/8 inch

  • (2) 12v battery chargers maintainers included

  • Ships (90%) assembled in wood crate

  • Our shipping & handling price includes all the handling misc. expenses plus labor, crate materials, and the billable rate from FedEx.

  • If the name hasn't already got your attention..., the industry killing price will.

  • We want to advertise our price because we're proud to sell equipment at a practical and very realistic level.

  • Shipping weight including container approx. 160 pounds, ships 95% assembled via freight on a semi truck in a very sturdy fully covered wooden create to your nearest FedEx hub dock anywhere in the lower 48 states and you pick it up from there.

  • All other shipments including overseas will have to be quoted at the time of ordering. 

  • Time from shipping container to moving your aircraft? Approx. 30 minutes

  • Heavy Duty Steel Welded Construction

  • Best Tug for the money

  • Non-marking wheels up front

  • Deep cycle prefered, but Auto style batteries can be used

  • Full size High amp Deep cycle batteries should be used

  • Anything other than deep cycle batteries require your attention more often

  • Comparable work horse aircraft tugger machines of this nature are retailing for North of $4,000.00 minimum


  • No adapters needed, it's universally engineered for 500 x 5.0 & 600 x 6.0 tires......., and more.

  • No metal to metal contact with your landing gear

  • No paint chips or scratches on the side of your wheel pants, we stay under all of that.

  • No hand cranking of winches.

  • No crawling under the aircraft and wrap stretch straps around your landing gear.

  • No heavy lifting on the handle grips to move the aircraft.

  • No need to force the tug details under the Landing Gear.