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Item No. SHP-TO-HM

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Price Upon Request
Shipping Cost: $215.00

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From Above: "Price Upon Request" only means that clicking on this adds an additional $216 of shipping to your overall order for home delivery.

1) THIS IS ONLY FOR 24V NOSE WHEEL TUGS. The crate is wood and the size is approx. 18" x 24" x 48" (inches), and weighs approx. 150-170 pounds

2) Important - You yourself need to be FULLY prepared with no exceptions, (not the truck driver), to unload this crate off the back of a regular semi-truck with "no" lift gate.

3) This is additional shipping cost for personal RESIDENTIAL delivery (to your house). This cost is on top of the standard $349 so by clicking on this your total shipping cost will now be $565, but keep in mind it comes right to your driveway with a scheduled time that you and FedEx agree to.

4) This total cost is on average what it costs us to pay for your tug to arrive at your own door at your house.

5) This way you do not have to leave your house or work and drive an hour or two to go pick up your tug. FedEx will contact you, then you will be able to schedule the delivery in accordance with the FedEx available times.