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Tail PICKER-1, Standard Tailwheel Aircraft Tow Bar

  • Tailwheel
  • Tailwheel
  • Tailwheel

Item No. TP1

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Shipping Cost: $42.00

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YES - FITS RV'S it has 8-inch wheels. Considered "Best Bang for the Buck". Ideal for all taildragger's including the Van's Aircraft RV taildragger's.

This PICKER has (1) set of "infinately adjustable" picker pins on (1) side

The wheels are smaller (8 inch) than the A & B PICKER models and have hard rubber tires as well.  Works great on the Van's RV aircraft and also has an enormous capacity for larger aircraft like the PT-17 Stearman bi-plane and WACO. For the WACO & Stearman you will need the 12 inch "X-Tension"detail listed on the products page.

  • Comes with one CLAW
  • 100% Infinitely adjustable for any tailwheel
  • Hard and flat surfaces only
  • Has two PINS on ((1)) side only
  • Bright yellow thick powder coated frame
  • Insulated foam grips
  • Very simple & Very universal