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LSA Sport PICKER-3 Tailwheel Tow Bar

  • Tailwheel

Item No. LSASP3

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Sport Picker-3 Tail Dragger Aircraft Tug

This manual aircraft tug has a small 4-inch wheel. This LSA Sport Picker-3 tailwheel tug is great for years of use with almost all LSA-(only) tail dragger aircraft.  The wheel is small for tight clearances, portability and has a medium capacity just for smaller aircraft. Easily comes apart "by hand" for stow-a-way in small aircraft.  It's a "take it with you" tow bar.

Has (1) set of infinitely adjustable pins on one side.

  • Not good for the RV's
  • Comes with one CLAW
  • 100% Infinitely adjustable
  • For smooth, flat, hard surfaces only
  • No door tracks, No big door lips
  • "Quick" disconnect frame for portability
  • Has only ((1)) hard "small" wheel
  • This PICKER has two PINS on ((1)) side only
  • Bright yellow thick powder coated frame